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DABA offers a variety of courses to help you get the necessary knowledge to educate yourself, your community, and the children in your life about bullying, confidence, diversity, a positive mindset, and much more.

The goal here is to help you create a positive and collaborative relationship with your community.

As an individual, parent or guardian I can help you learn how to influence and nurture well-rounded, loving children so that they thrive throughout their youth and into adulthood with the knowledge you will learn from DABA courses.

How did I become a diversity & anti-bullying educator?

I started educating myself about bullying when my (then) 5-year-old daughter was bullied. It was a huge shock to learn that bullying can happen at such a young age.

Having been bullied as a child, I could empathize with my daughter as well as other kids who were being targeted.

Much to my surprise, when I sought out help from the school bus driver and the school principal, I discovered that the very same policies that were set in place to protect kids were the same ones preventing people of authority to keep them safe. 

This is when I catapulted myself into researching bullying.

Having had graduate-level research experience, I was able to gather, package and share the information that I found.

As a matter of fact, that's how the Diversity & Anti-Bullying Academy ™ (#DABA) was created.

I packaged the research results I found into different offers just for you or your organization.

Through DABA you can have access to:

  • Online courses
  • Webinars
  • E-books

I also offer:

  • In-person workshops
  • LIVE virtual workshops
  • Workbooks (print and digital)
  • Coaching services
  • Consultation sessions (for schools & organizations)
  • Keynote speaking services

I support your community in bridging the communication & bullying awareness gap.

I’ve worked with many private clients, spoken in front of K-12 grade educators, early education professionals, daycare providers, parents, foster parents, non-profit organizations that provide resources to hundreds of families.

With DABA courses, webinars, and my workshops, parents, guardians, and educators have been able to prevent bullying and manage incident reports better.

In addition, they become empowered, less fearful, and are able to create effective solutions to bullying prevention and to stopping it when it happens.

Think of DABA as a parent and teacher manual where you can find the answers to many questions.

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“Dali Rivera has done a fabulous job speaking to our parents and students at SMART Moms about bullying and how to communicate in awkward situations. She has a wonderful way of getting everyone involved and speaking to the needs and interests of both adults and kids. We look forward to having her back! I highly recommend that you invite her to speak to your group. You will love her!”

Traci Williams (Parent & Child Communications Coach)


"As a parent, educator, and entrepreneur I love all that Dali of DaliTalks has to offer. She not only opens our minds and hearts to the issues of diversity and bullying, but she also gives us practical tools and guidance on what the healthy version of it all looks like while combating these issues. I ESPECIALLY love the Anti-Bullying Incident Report, it's a great tool to use, especially when you don't know what to do. Thank you Dali for all of your passion for our youth in this way."

Keisha Montfleury
Confidence Coach for Girls


More Client Love Notes (here)

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If you need support to help your school, organization, or company's parent or teacher community, DABA is here for you.

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Here are a few more love notes from previous DABA students and clients. 

"I learned all the types of bullying and examples of each one, how to identify each one, how to detect a problem, what to do in different situations and how to go about it." -Ana V.


"Ms. Dali was very knowledgeable and interesting relating to personal experiences with the subject matter. Five stars!"-Trenee W.

"I love that my daughter gets to learn about different people and women who have done amazing things." -Sylvia P.


"I can apply this knowledge in activities with kids and talk correctly about it with my co-workers." -Rosa G.



Here Are A Few of Our Clients

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