How Do You Answer Uncomfortable Questions?

It’s a matter of time for a child to walk-up to their parents and ask them something unexpected. So, when they ask uncomfortable questions, how do you react?


My 10 and 11-year-old daughters decided to get a side shave a few months ago. They had no idea what a big deal it would be for some kids at school.

They came home amazed about the comments they received from their peers. Most were very positive, but still shocking to them because it was until then, that they realized how much importance was put on hair.

They were called cool, brave, and courageous. Others told them that they would be scared to cut or shave part of their hair off and that their parents would NEVER allow it.

Their schools have a pretty large Latinx population, so when some of the kids told them that their parents, mainly their dads wouldn’t have allowed it, they thought it was weird.


See, my kids are growing up different than the traditional Latinx families. I must note that Latinx people are not a homogenous (all the same) group of people although there are commonalities. Continue reading “How Do You Answer Uncomfortable Questions?”

You Will Succeed With Your 2018 Goals By Doing 1 of these 3 Tips

One of the secrets to succeeding at anything is finishing something you started.I hope your first couple of days in 2018 have been pretty good so far and if they haven’t, don’t fret. We’ve got many more days ahead of us to make the best of 2018.I know that there are things that happen that are out of our control, but if we focus on the things we CAN control, we can make our lives a bit better.  Continue reading “You Will Succeed With Your 2018 Goals By Doing 1 of these 3 Tips”