About Me

Dali Rivera is an Anti-Bullying & Diversity educator who teaches people to prevent bullying by debunking stereotypes. She is also a military veteran, speaker, blogger, parent to two young girls and wife.

Dali is the creator of Sticks & Stones: Combating Bullying by Debunking Stereotypes – a program for K-12 students and parents to identify, prevent, advocate and eliminate bullying in order to improve children’s academic achievement, self-esteem, and the likelihood of having a more successful life in adulthood.

Her teaching method reinforces the eight lessons in her program and the embracing of people’s differences from learning diversity thus creating the perfect recipe to create future adults who close the inequality gap.

Dali offers her program to schools, libraries, and organizations. She will soon be launching an online program for parents who want to know what and how to teach their kids to have a more open discussion about bullying/cyberbullying, stereotypes and diversity.

Previous Careers

During her 10-year military service, Dali was quickly promoted up the ranks which led her to the position of Drill Instructor. This experience allowed her the honor of speaking to more than 200 students at a time and had hundreds of one-on-one mentoring session that touched on the importance of personal growth, education, overcoming challenges and finding their passion.

Later, Dali ran a Drill Team at a local elementary school where she discovered the dire need of an Anti-Bullying curriculum that digs deep into the root of the problem. One of those roots is stereotyping, but more specifically, subconscious stereotypes. She also discovered that most children don’t know how to identify a stereotype, therefore they un-deliberately reinforce them with jokes, by teasing and it often turns to bullying.

During her last year in the Army and afterward, Dali became a Realtor & Real Estate Consultant. She created and held workshops and first-time homebuyer seminars to help boost low income and middle-class Americans with homeownership, credit education and other related real estate topics.

Dali earned a B.S., and M.S. in Women and Gender Studies with a concentration in social policy and leadership from Towson University (Towson, Maryland).

While in college, she co-founded the Harford County Mocha Moms chapter, a non-profit organization that provides support to mothers of color. Dali served as President and later as Vice-President of the chapter (both for 1-year terms) where she spearheaded the Books on Beauty Shops and Barber Shops Program; a reading program for children in the local community.

Dali also founded a company called Elite Revolutionary Solutions (ERS) while in graduate school and released a line of high-end kitchen cutting blocks called MaestroBlocks. During this time, Senator Moran (R-KS) invited Dali to participate in a roundtable discussion with members of the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs and other veteran entrepreneurs to discuss methods and programs that would help boost veteran-owned small businesses.

Dali is also a writer and her articles have been published in WISE Magazine in Syracuse New York, Harford County Style Magazine. She has also been a guest blogger on Flanbouyant Eats and Mamiverse.com and she’s been featured in the American Legion Magazine and was awarded the Spirit of Entrepreneurship Award by the Entrepreneur Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities (EBV) program at Syracuse University. In addition, Dali has been a guest speaker on The Deanna Wharwood Talk Radio Show, GallantFew Radio Show, and The Anna Renault Show.

Dali is currently a third-year member of the School Site Council at a local elementary school in the Inland Empire, in California and is an active blogger on her website www.dalitalks.com where she shares stories to help others. She lives in southern California with her husband, two daughters, and two dogs.

You can inquire about Dali’s speaking availability or purchase of her program by contacting her at dali@dalitalks.com.