How Do You Answer Uncomfortable Questions?

It’s a matter of time for a child to walk-up to their parents and ask them something unexpected. So, when they ask uncomfortable questions, how do you react?


My 10 and 11-year-old daughters decided to get a side shave a few months ago. They had no idea what a big deal it would be for some kids at school.

They came home amazed about the comments they received from their peers. Most were very positive, but still shocking to them because it was until then, that they realized how much importance was put on hair.

They were called cool, brave, and courageous. Others told them that they would be scared to cut or shave part of their hair off and that their parents would NEVER allow it.

Their schools have a pretty large Latinx population, so when some of the kids told them that their parents, mainly their dads wouldn’t have allowed it, they thought it was weird.


See, my kids are growing up different than the traditional Latinx families. I must note that Latinx people are not a homogenous (all the same) group of people although there are commonalities. Continue reading “How Do You Answer Uncomfortable Questions?”

You Will Succeed With Your 2018 Goals By Doing 1 of these 3 Tips

One of the secrets to succeeding at anything is finishing something you started.I hope your first couple of days in 2018 have been pretty good so far and if they haven’t, don’t fret. We’ve got many more days ahead of us to make the best of 2018.I know that there are things that happen that are out of our control, but if we focus on the things we CAN control, we can make our lives a bit better.  Continue reading “You Will Succeed With Your 2018 Goals By Doing 1 of these 3 Tips”

Your Memories in a Book

When I was a teen, I used to have a journal. I started journaling because it was encouraged at church. It was supposed to be a way to find oneself and get in touch with their spirituality.

I didn’t have a formal journal. I remember taking college-ruled paper and keeping the sheets I’d written in a binder.

I wrote very personal things in there and while I don’t remember much about what I wrote, I do recall that after I came home years after I’d left to the military, I found a small stack of the sheets stapled together.

I destroyed the darn thing from the embarrassment of what I’d glanced. It was so dumb. I regret having done that. I probably should have taken a closer look at what I’d written.

Over the years, I’ve journaled to keep a time capsule of my life on paper. I’d like to believe that what I’ve written will help me remember more of my life and perhaps my family members after I’m gone.

Yeah, it’s corny. But, that’s who I am and I love it.  Continue reading “Your Memories in a Book”

Pay Attention To These Types of Books

To the world, you may be one person, but to one person, you may be the world.
-Dr. Seuss

The books we read to our kids carry messages that impact them beyond what we can comprehend. That’s why books like the Dr. Seuss series are so popular.

Messages of encouragement, acceptance of others, love for oneself and of exploration are common themes throughout all Dr. Seuss’s book.

One of my favorites Horton Hears A Who. This book or the movie, if you’ve seen it allows us to question what’s beyond what we see. It allows us to be brave and believe in our own instincts and to be a leader rather than a follower.

It allows us to be brave and believe in our own instincts and to be a leader rather than a follower.

The movie was very entertaining. I especially enjoy the part where everyone is following the most influential person – Kangaroo.

It shows a clear representation of how easily people can put their trust on one person solely due to popularity or complacency to a routine.

But, there’s one other thing I pay close attention to when I select books for my kids or the ones I gift to others. I always notice the roles that the male and female lead characters portray. Continue reading “Pay Attention To These Types of Books”

What’s Your Relationship With Food Look Like?

Year after year, I hear people set a goal to lose weight, but I rarely hear people set their goal to change their mindset about eating. Myself included.  

What?! YES. That’s right. We don’t usually think of weight loss this way, but we do think about changing our mindset when it comes to working out – and that’s great!

But we’re not giving food and the relationship we have with food much thought at all. And we really should be especially nowadays when the number two reason people bully others is their weight.

Years ago, my sisters had a roommate who viewed food as a necessary fuel. He didn’t care much about the aesthetic or taste (well, to a certain degree).

But, what fascinated me about his relationship with food was that it was a tool rather than an enjoyment or something to look forward to celebrating with holidays, parties or celebrations. Continue reading “What’s Your Relationship With Food Look Like?”

Who Changed The Course Of Your Life?

Have you had a certain person in your life affect you in a way that led you to do what you’re doing today?

I’m sure that most of us can immediately recall that particular moment when someone did or said something that changed the course of our lives.

For me, the people who crossed paths with me who made an impact in my life includes teachers. The first time a teacher made a huge effect on me was Mrs. Casey in the fourth grade.

It was my second year in the United States school system and I was still trying to perfect my English. I watched T.V. in English, spoke to kids as much as I could and took homework very seriously because I wanted to be able to better communicate with others.

My mother kept requesting I be placed into all English classes because she believed that I was ready. She also believed that the best way to learn English faster was to be completely integrated into English only classes. And she was right.

But the school didn’t think so. I remember Mrs. Casey took it upon herself to give me the test that kids had to take to be considered to move out of what they called back then the English as a Second Language (ESL) program because the school didn’t want to try.

So, when I passed that test and Mrs. Casey went to vouch for me to the principal and I was moved to an all English class. That changed my experience learning English. I learned a lot more of it much faster than the kids I’d been in ESL classes with and I always enjoyed English classes during my educational career. Continue reading “Who Changed The Course Of Your Life?”

Is Your Story Worth Sharing?

Sometimes we go through life not realizing that we have amazing stories that can help others.

That was me. I was recently reminded that my story matters. This happend when I was speaking to Ange Wilcock regarding amazing women and what they’ve done. 

Ange had been seeking out women to tell their stories and I responded not expecting my story to catch her attention. But, it did.

So, she invited me to be a guest on her podcast and vióola! The result is a 30 minute conversation about growing up in a rough environment, enlisting in the military and dealing with post-military life facing serious challenges.

One of those challenges allowed me to discover what I truly want to do for the rest of my life. 

I’ve been working since I was 14 (althought I had a chocolate sales job at the age of 10). And throughout all those years, I believed that if I went to college and worked hard, I’d have a great career and a meaningful life. Continue reading “Is Your Story Worth Sharing?”

Should Teachers Resemble Their Students?

I recently read about the importance of representation from a networking group I belong to.

An anesthesiologist (I’ll call her Mary) had a six-year-old patient (let’s call her Jessica) – a little girl who was about to go into surgery. Mary was assessing her to make sure everything she needed to know was accurate to treat her during the surgery.

As Mary sat next to Jessica, a nurse came by and greeted Mary. As they made small talk about Mary’s daughter, Jessica interrupted to say, “you can’t be a mom and be an anesthesia lady”.

Mary and the nurse were taken by surprise. To think that a child had already created this limitation in her head without anyone having told her to do so was astonishing!

Mary calmly told her that indeed, she was a Mommy and an anesthesiologist. She pulled up pictures of her daughter on her smartphone and explained to her little patient that women could be anything and still be Moms. Continue reading “Should Teachers Resemble Their Students?”

They Weren’t Trying To Be The First

There’s been so much talk about the need of new leadership in the country at different levels of government and a lot of existing and new organizations have created programs to encourage people of different demographics to run for public office.

Being the curious person that I am, I started searching for data that would give me an idea of how bad the disparity is between various demographics.

So, found a post that listed some of the first African Americans to achieve something BIG in American history.

To my surprise, I found out that a former black slave was elected to the Senate only a years after the abolition of slavery. Talk about debunking stereotypes and challenging social norms. AWESOME!

Although all of the people on the list were very interesting, The Honorable Blanche Kelso Bruce of Mississippi got my attention because he was listed as the first African American (and only former slave) to have served a full term in the U.S. Senate from 1875-1881. Continue reading “They Weren’t Trying To Be The First”

The Value Of A Life

Have you ever wondered why things happen? I used to ask myself that question a lot when I was little and into my teens. Every time not so good things happened, the more I’d question WHY?

I hadn’t asked myself that question for a very long time until recently due to a very unexpected event. More on that later.

Here’s something you might not know about me. I’ve been called an “anti-pet” person, but a pro-animals. What I mean by that is that I love animals, but I’ve never really wanted the responsibility of caring for one because I’ve seen it as a huge responsibility.

However, I’ve always cared about pets and as a way to help indirectly, I’ve always donated things and money to organizations that help pets.

I think I formed this mentality about pet responsibility when I was very little. I was probably about 5 or 6 years old and still living in Nicaragua. I had a doggy name Dunky. Continue reading “The Value Of A Life”