Combat Bullying

When children are worried about avoiding a certain person due to fear of being bullied or harassed, their learning is affected.

Grades go down, behavior patterns change and attendance changes as well. No child should miss school due to fear of a bully.

Unfortunately, schools often reinforce subconscious stereotypes, thus making the bullying problem worse.

The issue of missing female character leads supports the stereotype that girls are not leaders.


While kids don’t realize it, their expectations of girls and boys are being shaped by certain stereotypes in children’s books, thus allowing the opportunity for subconscious inequality, discrimination and gender stereotypes.


The way you can combat stereotypes and teach children to reject them is by pointing them out when you see them.

You can also explain that assumptions of others are often incorrect.



Bullies are often times people who are being bullied at home, who often witness bullying or are people who are frustrated about something and see bullying others as a way to deal with their problems.

Most important, bullies are also victims who need help.

Many schools have anti-bullying programs, but they leave out groups of people who are needed to combat bullying such as teachers, parents, staff and sometimes even certain students of particular age groups.

Many people don’t think that bullying is a serious problem. They think that bullying is just a kid thing – a kid’s phase or just a part of growing up.

However, bullying is a severe problem that’s become an epidemic in America.

Studies also have shown that most kids who bully are more likely to commit a crime as an adult and have behavior issues with others to include at their workplace.

Many kids and adults don’t know how to define between bullying & teasing.

The reality is that most people don’t think of kids with disabilities when the subject of bullying comes up.

However, kids with disabilities are often the main receivers of bullying and discrimination.




Our ideas and beliefs are being shaped by music, television, news, radio and other people all the time.

The key to not allowing others’ ideas to influence you is by exploring different points of view.


Most kids who are bullied never report it because they’re afraid of being called a snitch and they don’t know the difference between reporting and snitching. 

Diversity within school staff and educators could be a way to help out and reach kids who come from various backgrounds.

Unfortunately, some teachers or school staff members consider it burden to try to understand kids who come from different backgrounds and they can even become the bullies attacking or constantly disrespecting their students.

People with disabilities (also called differences) experience the most discrimination.

We must teach people certain etiquettes so that they understand how not to offend those with differences.

Overall, the rule of thumb is to treat people with disabilities/differences the same as anyone else.