One Of These Tests Can Help You Become Happier

I always knew I wanted to help others and I noticed how naturally it came to me.

When I’d hear people say, “make what you love doing your career” I’d wonder how the heck I’d be able to do that and how to know exactly what my strengths were.

Years later, when I applied to use my military school benefits, I was required to take a personality test to identify what types of jobs I’d be more likely to thrive in.

Then, while in college I discovered what the Myers-Briggs® test was and took it as a requirement of a leadership course I was enrolled in.

Then, when I attended Larry Broughton’s workshop as part of the Entrepreneur Bootcamp
for Veterans (EBV)
program I took another personality test called the Kolby A™ Index and again, throughout a job hiring process I was required to take yet a new personality test I’d never heard of.

Each test was very precise with identifying my personality and it allowed me to feel a sense of security about my own assessment. It confirmed my assumptions of what I thought I was very good at and it also showed me areas of weaknesses that I could work on.

Every time I took a test, I was provided with a printout or email of the results. Over the years, I’ve compared all of them. I must say, it’s amazing that they all have consistent results.

I’ve met people over the years who have taken a personality or strengths test, but they have not known how to read them or what to do with them.

The results are usually pages long. So, I’m not sure if people are discouraged from reading such long results or if it’s simply that they don’t have any interest in reading them and learning how to implement the results.

I learned to do that because Larry did an excellent explanation on the purpose of theses tests and he went over a few people’s results and broke them down.

Many months later, I heard a business coach tell someone that because their personality test indicated they excelled at working with people instead of being stuck in a cubicle or an office all day made me realize how crucial it is for people to take such tests.

If people knew that their strength is to follow rather than lead, then perhaps the work industry would have less bad leaders, managers and employees.

People might also be happier doing what they find enjoyable and they’d probably be more open to working on their weaknesses because they’d be reassured that they DO have strengths.

What can I say – humans are a fragile species. Sometimes we need a little boost to get us going.

On a personal level, a personality test can help one find out why their relationship might be on the rocks or why it’s thriving.

So, if you’ve been going through life wondering why you’re so unhappy with your job or your personal life, maybe it would be helpful to take a personality test.

Many industries now require potential job candidates to take a personality test to ensure that they’re the right fit with the work culture and that they’re a right fit for the job.

You can take a free one at or You can also Google “personality tests” and you’ll have a variety to choose from.

If you would like to take the
Kolby A™ Index or Myers-Briggs® test, you can pay (about $50) to take each.

In additional to the above named tests, you can also take the test and if you’ve purchased the book, Strengths Finder 2.0 you can use the code provided upon purchasing the book to take the test for free.

Lastly, I must mention a great book I read by Sally Hogshead called Fascinate. She created a personality test that measures how others perceive you, rather than how you perceive yourself.

I loved her take on how we make impressions on people and I found her book funny, insightful and very helpful. You can take her test as well upon purchasing her book. It’s also available in audio format.

So, if you’ve always wondered if it’s just you over assessing yourself or if you’d like more clarity about yourself, I recommend any of the tests I’ve mentioned above.

If you’ve taken different tests, come on over and let me know about it in the comments! These tests are not only fun, but also you can truly learn a lot about yourself.


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