What’s Your Relationship With Food Look Like?

Year after year, I hear people set a goal to lose weight, but I rarely hear people set their goal to change their mindset about eating. Myself included.  

What?! YES. That’s right. We don’t usually think of weight loss this way, but we do think about changing our mindset when it comes to working out – and that’s great!

But we’re not giving food and the relationship we have with food much thought at all. And we really should be especially nowadays when the number two reason people bully others is their weight.

Years ago, my sisters had a roommate who viewed food as a necessary fuel. He didn’t care much about the aesthetic or taste (well, to a certain degree).

But, what fascinated me about his relationship with food was that it was a tool rather than an enjoyment or something to look forward to celebrating with holidays, parties or celebrations. Continue reading “What’s Your Relationship With Food Look Like?”

No Secret To Success

You know when you see articles online stating topics like, “10 Things That Billionaires Do Each Day” or “Highly Effective Habits Successful People Practice”?

Well, those titles grasp people’s interest because they infer that if people adopt some of those habits, they too might become very successful.

Before I went into entrepreneurship, I’d click on those type of articles out of curiosity and to be honest, I was looking for an answer about how I could become successful.

I wondered if I was doing something wrong or if I needed to adopt a new habit to get to my goal. I also compared myself a lot – which is very damaging to anyone who does it (another topic for later).

While a lot of those articles are interesting and they can help you learn new ways to do things, they don’t guarantee success or wealth. Continue reading “No Secret To Success”

A Bracero’s Grandson You Should Know

Alan Malagon was 13 years old when he first visited family members in the US. His visit lasted three weeks with his uncles in Yucaipa, California, where they lived and worked.

His mother, a U.S. citizen who has lived most of her life between Mexico and the U.S already had her eldest child, Wendy living in the U.S. as well as other family members. However, the first of Alan’s family members to have lived and worked in the U.S. was his grandfather, Antonio Malagon.

His grandfather who was born in 1939, came to the U.S. at the age of 20 as a Bracero. The Bracero program allowed for thousands of immigrants to enter the country for field work due to the shortage of labor caused by the U.S.’s participation in World War II.

He worked in various states such as Texas, Washington state, California and just about anywhere from the West Coast to Texas that would offer him a job.

Eventually, Antonio was able to apply for permanent residency and later became a citizen with the help of his employer. During one of his many trips back and forth from the U.S. to Mexico, Antonio met a girl named Maria.

He courted her for a while and eventually they married. They started a family and as the family grew, he continued to travel back and forth to the U.S. for work. Continue reading “A Bracero’s Grandson You Should Know”