What’s Your Relationship With Food Look Like?

Year after year, I hear people set a goal to lose weight, but I rarely hear people set their goal to change their mindset about eating. Myself included.  

What?! YES. That’s right. We don’t usually think of weight loss this way, but we do think about changing our mindset when it comes to working out – and that’s great!

But we’re not giving food and the relationship we have with food much thought at all. And we really should be especially nowadays when the number two reason people bully others is their weight.

Years ago, my sisters had a roommate who viewed food as a necessary fuel. He didn’t care much about the aesthetic or taste (well, to a certain degree).

But, what fascinated me about his relationship with food was that it was a tool rather than an enjoyment or something to look forward to celebrating with holidays, parties or celebrations.

Our Fabulous Guest

Then, a few months ago I met Kelley Raetzsch, a nutritional dietician, and owner of Embrace Eating Recovery. While she teaches people to change their relationship with food to improve their health and wellness, she also ties in her Christian faith by incorporating God’s love so they can break free from the idea of dieting and have more self-love.

While Kelley’s business is Christian based, she works with people from many different faiths and offers Diet Detox Challenges and more.

Her Perspective On Food

Kelley blew me away with her unique perspective about our relationship with food. Her tips about improving our diets without making it seem like an impossible battle are so good, that I asked her to do an interview so you can hear about this wonderful way to view food.

You’re gonna love what she’s got to say!

Believe me, it’ll change the way you eat! And if you’re like me – a person who struggles to say NO to ice cream and brownies, you’ll see how Kelley’s tips on how to look at food will help you tremendously.

The Interview

So, click below to listen to our interview and let me know if you join her any of her challenges.

Don’t forget to come back and let me know what you think about Kelly’s advice and how her advice has impacted your relationship with food.

   Much Love,


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