DABA offers a variety of courses to help you get the necessary knowledge to educate yourself and the children in your life about bullying, confidence, diversity, positive mindset, and much more. The goal here is to help you raise, influence, and nurture well rounded, loving children so that they thrive throughout their youth and into adulthood with the knowledge you will learn from DABA courses.

DABA's first course is....




In this online course, you will learn

  • about the four types of bullying
  • clear definitions and examples of all four types of bullying
  • to recognize the signs of victims of bullying
  • to recognize if your child is a bully
  • keywords for effective reporting 
  • how to help both victims and bully so that bullying stops!

I'm so proud of you for prioritizing anti-bullying education and I can't wait for you to join me. 

There are so many other parents who have NO IDEA that this type of education is available to them. The research has been done and it has been packaged in a comprehensive way for you to dive in and start empowering yourself so that you can: 

  • feel in control
  • be preventive ready
  • have a sense of security
  • feel confident teaching your child about bullying
  • be assured that you will know how to help your child if he/she is the bully or the victim

Ongoing Support

When you become a DABA member, you get weekly LIVE support by Dali on our private group chats.

Downloadable Workbook

You get a downloadable workbook so you can teach your kids about bullying in a fun way. This method of reinforcing what you teach them helps them and YOU!

Certificate of Completion

Once you have completed the Bullying Prevention 101 Modules, you will receive a digital copy of your certificate.

Be in control

Join me and other parents against bullying to keep our kids SAFE, to build up their CONFIDENCE and learn to ADVOCATE for those who need help against bullies.


Key benefits of this course


After taking this course, you will: 

  • have weekly ongoing support
  • you'll feel more confident to teach your child about bullying
  • be able to better communicate with your child and their school
  • know how to explain difficult terms to younger kids
  • have less anxiety or worry about not knowing enough
  • have a community of members sharing the knowledge that will help you build on what you've learned

Not all bullying incidents are the same and not all investigations are the same either.

That’s why DABA will be releasing more short courses like this one to provide you with more tools to help you feel in control, safe, assured, and confident to educate your child and to advocate for your child if needed. 

This information is so good, that any adult responsible for children can benefit from it.

While this information is for parents of children in grades 3rd to 8th, a lot of this information is perfectly crafted so that you can start teaching your younger or older children about bullying and diversity. 

While diversity and anti-bullying education is the main focus, you will have the opportunity to access other courses that complement and build on the topics of bullying and diversity.

I want to help you have a happy, vibrant, well-rounded child!

So, you will always be able to contact me for questions.

Since most of us parents did not receive this type of information when we were growing up, a lot of what you will learn might be completely new to you as well.

That means that you will be able to improve some areas of your parenting without feeling ashamed, embarrassed, or alone. 

We’re all together in this together!

Remember, I started DABA because I DID NOT KNOW ANY of this information when my baby was five-years young. 

Think of DABA as a sort of parenting and self-help virtual manual that you can depend on. 

A bonus benefit to registering for DABA courses is that you receive a certificate of completion. 

Yeah, some people might not care about that , but if you're a parent, an educator or school volunteer, having this certificate speak volumes!

It means you have taken your own personal time to invest in your child and in yourself so that you can help prevent and eliminate bullying when you see it. 

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“Dali Rivera has done a fabulous job speaking to our parents and students at SMART Moms about bullying and how to communicate in awkward situations. She has a wonderful way of getting everyone involved and speaking to the needs and interests of both adults and kids. We look forward to having her back! I highly recommend that you invite her to speak to your group. You will love her!”

Traci Williams (Parent & Child Communications Coach)


"As a parent, educator, and entrepreneur I love all that Dali of DaliTalks has to offer. She not only opens our minds and hearts to the issues of diversity and bullying, but she also gives us practical tools and guidance on what the healthy version of it all looks like while combating these issues. I ESPECIALLY love the Anti-Bullying Incident Report, it's a great tool to use, especially when you don't know what to do. Thank you Dali for all of your passion for our youth in this way."

Keisha Montfleury
Confidence Coach for Girls


Are You READY?

If you’re concerned about the information that the children in your life are listening to in regards to how others should be treated you will find that Bullying Prevention 101 is the PERFECT course to start an open conversation about how people should treat THEM and how THEY should treat others.


Here are a few more love notes from previous DABA students before I took them online. 

"I learned all the types of bullying and examples of each one, how to identify each one, how to detect a problem, what to do in different situations and how to go about it." -Ana V.


"Ms. Dali was very knowledgeable and interesting relating to personal experiences with the subject matter. Five stars!"-Trenee W.

"I love that my daughter gets to learn about different people and women who have done amazing things." -Sylvia P.


"I can apply this knowledge in activities with kids and talk correctly about it with my co-workers." -Rosa G.