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Now that you've started with the basics of bullying awareness by purchasing "Your Guide to Bullying Prevention", you'll want to continue educating yourself about other forms of bullying and online dangers.

For $37 you can get a recorded 1-hour online class about SOCIAL MEDIA & KIDS: what parents should know.

This is what you will get from this class:

  • Learn the different types of dangers your children can be exposed to
  • A general overview of ways to report cyberbullying and other types of online abuse
  • An understanding of the capabilities of digital tools available to block certain content
  • and much more

As a participant, you will receive:

  • A Digital Safety Guide that will include online tools to help you keep your child safe
  • The Top 10 Dangerous Apps placed on the danger list for kids by national organizations
  • 30-minute consultation to answer andy questions regarding the class
  • Ongoing support in our private community Facebook Group


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Your Guide to Bullying Prevention (E-Workbook)

If you want to teach your child to be confident, spot signs of bullying, and be their own advocate, you'll love this workbook!

You and your child will learn and have access to:

  • Definitions to keywords
  • Examples of different types of bullying
  • Activity sheets
  • Bullying incident report template
  • Book recommendations
  • Resources to help a victim AND a bully
  • and much, much more.

50% of kids admit to having experienced bullying in their lifetime and only 30% of incidents are reported. 

Don't wait until it's too late! Educate yourself and your child NOW to know how to PREVENT becoming a target and to learn how to ADVOCATE for yourself, your child, or another person being bullied. 

What People Are Saying:

Dali's information and great tips about understanding bullying and the ins and outs and the details behind this phenomenon that continues is something that we need to reflect on. Her workbook, her ways of communicating, also the statistics that she's able to relate to in schools is important for us to know.

Latania Marr Y Ortega

I know that when Dali shares anything about bullying awareness, the information is reliable because she dives deep into researching everything about the topic. That makes her an expert in the subject.

Maritere RodriguezBellas