About Dali

Dali Rivera is an Anti-Bullying & Diversity educator and the creator of the Diversity & Anti-Bullying Academy (#DABA).

Through DABA, she helps parents and educators learn how and what to teach children to prevent bullying and stop bullying through interactive workshops, books, workbooks, webinars, and live online classes.

Dali is a mother of two daughters, an Army veteran, wife, speaker, blogger, and an avid volunteer in her school community. She lives in southern California with her husband, two daughters, and three small Shitzu dogs.

You can inquire about Dali’s speaking availability, one-on-one coaching, digital products, or request DABA workshops for your organization by contacting her at [email protected] or requesting an appointment.

The Diversity & Anti-Bullying Academy (DABA) was inspired after Dali and her husband discovered roadblocks upon advocating for their then 5-year-old daughter, which lead Dali into doing intensive research about bullying and related topics.

Through that experience, she discovered that certain policies can hinder the process if parents are unaware of the reporting system. After a few years of sharing her knowledge with other parents, Dali decided to make it into workshops for parents and children. 

Because most bullying education provided at schools, is aimed at students, most parents don’t get access to anti-bullying education. Therefore, DABA was created for both, parents and educators, so that they can have conversations with their kids about anti-bullying education.

You can learn more about DABA here.

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1 of 3 kids admits to having been bullied.

Most kids NEVER tell an adult that they're being bullied because they try to handle the situation alone or they fear that telling an adult might make matters worse. 

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