Every parent, teacher and guardian wants nothing but to keep their kids safe and that includes being safe from bullying. 

That is why we all need to educate ourselves on how to prevent this. 





Welcome Parents and Kids!

Every parent, teacher and guardian wants nothing but to keep their kids safe and that includes being safe from bullying. That is why I created this platform for you to learn how to prevent this and get my awesome tips and tools to prevent and stop bullying. 

Let's Stop Bullying Together
The Diversity & Anti-Bullying Academy is for parents and teaching to learn what is needed to teach their kids to prevent and stop bullying as well as to embrace differences and diversity as well as their own.

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Learn how to teach kids bullying prevention, reporting, confidence building tips, how to embrace diversity, and much more.

Hi, I'm Dali Rivera

When my husband and I found ourselves having to advocate for our then five-year old who was being bullied, we ran into many roadblocks. 

I began to research and educate myself about bullying and discovered that having certain information is vital to preventing and putting a stop to it.  I began sharing all of the knowledge I acquired with others.

Years later, I created Diversity and Anti Bullying Academy (DABA) to help parents and educators like you learn how and what to teach kids about bullying prevention, embracing differences in others, building self-esteem and so much more.

Before COVID-19, I offered in-person workshops to businesses, non-profits, schools and other organizations.  Now, those workshops are going online at the end of July 2020. I also provide other resources and inspiring stories via The Dali Talks Show and my blog on this site.

Join me in becoming apart of a movement that will create change, and prevent and stop bullying.

Much Love, 


How Can I Help You?

My mission is to teach parents and educators about bullying so that they can educate their kids to keep them safe. That is why I offer a variety of ways for us to work together. 


As a parents we have jobs and other responsibilities that do not allow us to attend in-person. That is why my online classes and workshops will help you not miss out on valuable information.

Click here to see our library of webinars or videos to choose from.

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In Person Workshop

An effective way to teach kids, is to get them involved in the process of learning. My in-person workshops are actionable, fun and effective. 

Workshops are available for parents, children or combined (parent-child)

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The Diversity & Anti-Bullying Academy

This is my signature program, The Diversity & Anti-Bullying Academy is a series of modules that teaches you the necessary tools for your kids about bullying prevention, reporting methods, different types of bullying and about loving other's differences as well as their own. 

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Promoting equality and safety for all


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One-to-One Coaching

Schedule an appointment with me if you are needing more guidance or want to ask questions regarding specific bullying related problem with your child. 

Your first 30-minutes consultation is FREE. 

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Client Love

Dali Rivera has done a fabulous job speaking to our parents and students at SMART Moms about bullying and how to communicate in awkward situations. She has a wonderful way of getting everyone involved and speaking to the needs and interests of both adults and kids. We look forward to having her back! I highly recommend that you invite her to speak to your group. You will love her!

 -Traci Williams (Parent & Child Communications Coach)

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