What can we change to promote equity and equality?

According to the International Women's Day (IWD) website, "...today, March 8, is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating women's equality."

How can we do this?

✅ Vote against laws that hold women back

✅ Mentor girls and women

✅ Support victims of any type of abuse

✅ Stop victim shaming

✅ Support and/or donate to a female business owner

✅ Support and/or donate towards a female student's tuition expenses

✅ Educate yourself about women's history

✅ Pay women fair and competitive wages for their work

But, there's more you could do to ensure that we DO NOT pass on old customs that reinforce inequality. 

Be mindful of how you treat your sons and daughters. 

Watch your words. Sometimes, when we tell our children that they can or cannot do things, we are unconsciously giving advice based on how we were raised and based on the expectations of others rather than from our children. 

So, please analyze how you can improve or continue your positive words. 

If you're not sure about what I am talking about, I'll give you examples. 

Growing up many girls are told to look forward to getting married, rather than to pursue their dream of becoming someone other than a wife or mother, while boys are encouraged to "sew their oats" which implies permission to be casually and sexually active - something that girls are condemned for. 

Boys are told to "man up" and stop crying when they're in a world of pain and when they're young and haven't come of age or maturity, they're told they're the man of the house even when their sisters, who might be older, wiser and more able are present in the home. 

These teachings reinforce inequality and inequity in society that oppress people regardless of gender or sex one way or another. 

These are just a few of so many ways that we might unintentionally create and reinforce these structures in the home. Most people don't realize it because it is how they have been brought up and it all seems normalized. 

If you realize that you've been reinforcing inequality, don't feel ashamed. Just know that the majority of the world has been institutionalized to believe certain things that uphold structures of inequality.

If we want to achieve gender equality, we must stop these practices and also shed the misconception that equality is the reversal of gender status. 

It is not a reversal. Equality and equity create an even playing field for all genders.

I hope that this message is helpful and allows you to have a discussion about it with your family. And, don't forget to support the women around you, not just today, but every day.


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