3 Attributes To Look For In A Parenting Coach

Hey there amazing parents! 🌟 Ever wondered what an anti-bullying coach does? Yep, it's a thing! I've been on this incredible journey for five years now, and let me tell you, I absolutely LOVE it!

Why did I dive into this? Well, because parenting, like for many of you, hasn't been a walk in the park for me. There were moments when I craved honest, unbiased advice without the fear of judgment. And guess what? You're not alone in feeling that way.

Let's talk about the stigma around reaching out for parenting help – it's a bit silly, right? I mean, we seek assistance for everything else in life, so why should parenting be any different?

Enter the superhero of your parenting journey: the parenting coach! 🦸‍♀️ Here are THREE things to consider when searching for your perfect parenting coach:

  1. Synergy: Find someone you vibe with. Your coach should feel like a trusted friend, someone you're comfortable sharing even the toughest parenting experiences with. It's a two-way street, so look for that connection!

  2. Experience: Decide what kind of experience you want your coach to have. Whether it's an academic background or real-life parenting wisdom, choose what resonates with you. It could be a psychologist, a former teacher, or a parent with grown-up kids.

  3. Accountability: A good coach listens, provides honest advice, and crafts action plans for progress. But remember, they're not magicians! The real magic happens when you commit to making positive changes. You're in the driver's seat!

Got questions about coaching? Drop them in the comments! 🌈 And if you're ready to work together, CLICK THIS LINK TO SCHEDULE A CALL. Can't wait to chat! 🌻✨


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1 of 3 kids admits to having been bullied.

Most kids NEVER tell an adult that they're being bullied because they try to handle the situation alone or they fear that telling an adult might make matters worse. 

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