Have you reflected on this yet?

I’m going to make this short because I know many of you are celebrating Easter, Ramadan Karim, or Kosher and Happy Passover. 

However you are spending this week, I hope that you have an amazing time and that you’re spending it with people whose good energy refuels you. 

One thing I’d like to invite you to think about today is how much energy you’ve spent on the things and people you really care about. 

April is the beginning of the second quarter for many people who have goals that they want to accomplish before the end of June. 

So, if your goal is personal, professional, or both, take time to analyze and make necessary adjustments to your plan if needed so that you can get closer to your goal. 

Don’t forget to allow your cheerleaders to celebrate every win with you and most of all when you’re feeling burnt out, step away for a bit and then keep going. 

Lastly, include your children in your planning session so that they learn to set goals and encourage them to set their own personal goals along your side. 

Make it a fun event. Include snacks, fun colored stickies, highlighters, stickers, or whatever you think will help them create their own quarter goals. 

Have fun!


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