A Parent Was Arrested For Confronting Her Childs Bully

Some parents do what they think will help stop it, not realizing their actions can make the situation worse. 

That’s what happened to a mother who decided to directly speak to her child’s bully. 

Perhaps she wasn’t aware that boarding a school bus was considered trespassing. That’s reason enough for her to be arrested or fined (depending on the state laws). 

But this mother went further. She began verbally assaulting the 11-year old child and she ended up fighting the child (physical assault). 

The whole thing was caught on video. But, let’s assume the child hit her first. As an adult, what are the chances that the justice system will side with the mother? 

You see, I have read many news articles about similar situations because, in my opinion, parents are not well aware of efficient ways to manage bullying situations involving their children and schools are not taking bullying complaints seriously enough. 

This is why bullying awareness and prevention education needs to be offered to the school community and that includes parents.  

Parents have a lot going on and this is at the bottom of their priority list if it’s even on the list. However, that is not an excuse to not inform yourself on how to help kids without making the problem bigger. Parents should never have to feel like they have to handle a school bullying matter all on their own.

A school’s number one responsibility is to always keep kids safe and education comes second.

Some remarks I hear from parents are: 

1️⃣ It won’t happen to my child

2️⃣ My children know how to defend themselves 

3️⃣ It makes no sense to worry about bullying if it’s not happening to my children 

But when parents’ children are victimized, the parents:

👉🏽Feel like they don’t have control of the situation

👉🏽They feel lost and don’t know how to get started 

👉🏽They feel doubtful about how to approach the situation 

👉🏽They feel scared for their child

So, that’s not the best time to start learning about bullying awareness, prevention, and how to stop it and it can even slow down getting the solution.

Don’t wait until something happens. 

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1 of 3 kids admits to having been bullied.

Most kids NEVER tell an adult that they're being bullied because they try to handle the situation alone or they fear that telling an adult might make matters worse. 

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