These Lawyers Help With Bullying Cases

A lady recently asked me if I could help her find a lawyer to help her niece with a bullying situation at school. 

You see, her niece was physically bullied and has been at home this week due to fear of lack of safety because the school hasn’t responded to the bullying report at all!

So, I don’t blame this high school child. If a school has allowed over two weeks to pass and not one person has responded, then I too wouldn’t go back to school without knowing they would do their best to keep me safe. 

Did you know that legally, the number one mission for all schools in the U.S. is to keep kids safe while on campus?


Providing academic education comes second. 

So, back to this lady’s question. She wanted to know what type of lawyer should she look for and how would she be able to find a good one?

Fortunately, I’ve done my homework regarding this question and had the privilege of interviewing some lawyers who have defended children against bullying and other types of injuries or abuse that they experienced at schools to include child sexual abuse by an adult. 

Siria Gonzalez, is a lawyer who practices personal injury and education law. However, education lawyers can help with cases of bullying as well when the events are tied to the way a person is bullied.

An attorney I know who practices education law (and has defended countless kids with special needs/disability/difference and has been a guest speaker in my Clubhouse rooms is Goz Odediran

Here’s what the difference between both law experts is. Siria has worked more with cases regarding different types of physical and emotional injury, abuse, and neglect, whereas Goz specializes more with cases of abuse or neglect pertaining to academic attainment.  

This is why it’s important to speak to different attorneys if you ever consider going this route. 

You see, when it comes to issues with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs), or neglect by the school with providing an equitable education to your student, an education lawyer would probably be best. 

If your main problem is that the school fails to keep your child safe from a bully or a teacher to the point that your child can't attain an equitable education due to the distress or toxic environment, then, a personal injury lawyer like Siria would probably be best. I recommend you speak to both types of lawyers to ensure that your case fits the appropriate expert.

Just keep in mind, BOTH have expertise in education and bodily injury cases, but they might specialize in one more than the other. 

When you seek out a lawyer, your best bet is to ask them about the types of cases they have mostly worked with and make sure to provide them with all of the details about your problem for them to be able to determine if they can take your case. 

I recommend you watch my interview with Siria to learn about how lawyers decide to take cases and why they don’t take some even when they know the case will be won. 

I hope that this information is helpful to you and please, remember that you can find an attorney through your state’s bar association. 


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